Get to know the capital of Panama on an exciting sightseeing tour.

Founded by the Spanish in 1519, the city enchants with its fascinating history, modern skyscrapers, noble colonial villas, the impressive Panama Canal, and the colorful mix of different cultural influences.

The excursion begins with a journey back to the beginnings of the city. You will visit the ruins of Panama Viejo in the eastern part of today's metropolis. The ruins are the remains of the first Spanish settlement, which was destroyed in 1671 during a raid by the privateer Sir Henry Morgan.

We then continue along the Pacific coastal road to the historic old town. Today, the oldest institutions and buildings of the modern city are found here; locally, the neighborhood is called Casco Viejo or Casco Antiguo. On a walking tour, you'll see many charming colonial buildings, some still largely in their original condition and others lovingly and colorfully restored. The historic district is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in recent years has become the country's center for art, design, and cultural revival. Many new bars, rooftop terraces, restaurants and hotels have opened here.

The trip then takes you to the Causeway Amador, a man-made causeway several kilometers long at the entrance of the Panama Canal. From here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the unique skyline of Panama City.

Finally, a visit to the Miraflores Locks is on the agenda. Here you will get a first insight into the functioning and the gigantic dimensions of the famous Panama Canal. The terrace offers a unique view of the locks. With a little luck, you can watch one of the large container ships passing through the locks on their way to the Pacific or Atlantic.

Every year, about 14,000 ships use the Panama Canal for transit. With about 300 million tons of transported goods per year, which corresponds to about 6% of the worldwide trade, the artificial waterway is one of the most important routes of international goods traffic. The excursion ends at the hotel.
A journey back to the origin! After breakfast, you will head northeast to a branch of Lake Alajuela. There you will board small canoe boats that will take you up the Rio Chagres. A fascinating jungle scenery will accompany you on the boat trip. Arriving at the Emberá village, you will experience an authentic insight into the millenary culture of the people who lived here long before the arrival of the Europeans. Since the original tradition and way of life still exist, you will inevitably be transported back centuries. Visitors are greeted by the rhythmic sounds of traditional instruments: drums, flutes and rattles.

The men wear "guayuco", a kind of loincloth, and the women wrap themselves in colorful cloths called "parumas". They offer handicrafts that they make themselves. Some of the women weave palm leaves, others are responsible for feeding the visitors. Plantains and fish wrapped in a palm leaf - this is what a typical lunch looks like.

You can take home a traditional tattoo, a kind of organic tattoo, which the Emberá also wear on their bodies: they make the ink for it from jagua, a plant whose sap is mixed with ash. It is painted with a small stick and for a few dollars. After a good two weeks, the paint is washed off again.

In the afternoon, we return to modern Panama City.
An impressive tour for nature and water lovers! The excursion starts in the morning with a drive from your hotel to the nearby Soberanía National Park. Here, a one-to-two-hour hike awaits you, during which you will dive into the jungle and get to know the diverse tropical flora of the national park and, with a bit of luck, observe various animal species, including bird species and monkeys. After that, you will drive to the port of Gamboa. From there, you will begin an approximately 2 ½ hour boat ride on Lake Gatún. During the trip you will get to know the biodiversity of the lake (including monkeys, crocodiles, turtles, sloths, various bird species ...) and closely meet some ships that are just crossing the Panama Canal. After a visit to Monkey Island, we will return to the capital.

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